Saturday, August 21, 2010

how are yu?? ur profile pics are hella gorgeous, im sure u get that twenty times daily tho right??lol,, srry to be so frwrd quick ? 4 you, i was seeing if you gave head?? if so we could meeet up tonight, srry have to ask ur to fckn cute not to.

shad , i have to level with you bro, you have made one of the top 5 of all time worst first impressions on me with that stupid ,insulting and ill advised email you sent me earlier. idk what you weree trying to accomplish but if it was offending me and embarrassing yourself then you are fucking set@@ !!!
now at this point you are probly thinking what a fucking uptight bitch i am and fuck me anyways who the fuck am i anyhow and so what if im upset ....(or something like that, anyway) maybe? idk
i mean you said you arent trashy and thts pretty trashy , rite ?
any ways mostly i am letting you know all of this because mostly i am extremely disappointed. Just from your profile ( which i read before i read your email...btw) i got the impression of an upstanding , well-liked, very intellegent and approachable guy. i noticeed that alot of your friends are women which usually would mean that you are a good listener and that you are supportive and that you know how to be respectful. also i really respect the fact that you are someone who has the confidence to openly champion his faith ( you would be surprised at how many people who claim to be christians dont like to admit it like it isnt fucking "cool" or something anymore to have beliefs or morals or standards) . and all of these things were like way fucking cooler because although it almost always  happens that the guy i just described (you know , mary poppins , practically perfect in every way..?lol)is almost painfully unfortunate looking  , um, with you that is not the case. i may as well tell you  that i think you are totally fucking adorable. i mean really amazingly surprisingly attractive and appealing and interesting and all of the stuff that doesnt go at all with the kind of guy who offhandedly compliments a woman as a seguay. like " excuse me - i  just had to let you know that you are so beautiful and you have such a kind face ...u know - the kind id like to stick my cock in ..cause if ylu will cooperate i could give you a good skull fucking later on? hmmm? ok you let me know then, beautiful."
i mean ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ? I Mean seriously? in my reality that does  not at any time pass for a compliment . honestly i dont really iknow why it feels important to me to make sure you know all of this or that i  bring it to your attention, in reality i get idk how many random emails from guys with even more indelacate remarks to make and usually i just delete and block them with out thinking about it.
maybe this has nothing to do with anything except the delivery of  a very sagacious piece of advice that you needed to be reminded of -DONT BE A BOOB.
and yes i have too much time on my hands - yes i am probly overreacting- but sometimes we forget the potential that we have to influence and affect the people we come into contact with even in passing .And had i not felt predisposed to like you it is likely that i would not have felt so indignant at your thoughtless  off the cuff  remark.


ps and just to answer your initial query....not that this should give the impression that a late night tryst is in our future or anything ... but between you and me ( you totally called it right on - i have no gag reflex  whatsoever. )lol

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