Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the name of this one should be something like idk...Jailbait or something like that..

however , its actual and given name is "CATS" .
the artists name is FULVIA ZAMBON.
a number of years ago i was actually lucky enough to walk unerringly smack into the middle of one of her showings at a little gallery in downtown hollywood called HEADQUARTERS. i lived like , rite down the street from there at that time and it was one of my favorite spots to go and chill out with my guitar and meet other like-minded, artistically inclined individuals....good times

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Victorian Era Post Mortem Photography (yes that means AFTER death but BEFORE burial - so if that kind of thing freaks you out SKIP THIS )

i find this absolutely fascinating. there are several good resources for this sort of art work on the net but this is one of the nicer vids with some pics that i have never seen in any other collection of Momento Mori  I have been lucky enough to stumble upon. Lovely way to commemorate the dearly departed.