Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SockShare - SuckerPunchTS.avi

Who even knows how long this link will be active but if you should click it and should it not work....GO to the goddamn theater JUST pay the arm and a leg and SEE THIS WAY COOL ,SUPER ORIGINAL ,TOTALLY WORTH THE TIME AND THE CHANGE YOU SPEND ON WATCHING IT movie. It is like a hybrid of American McGee's Alice and The Darkness(very cool ps3 game)and um idk... that Tarentino Flick with Rose McGowan where she has a machine gun for a leg and is like totally fucking tough and bad ass just jacking motherfuckers UP with it...And sports the most rad soundtrack made up of songs you like and havent heard in a while that you prolly wouldnt like to hear covers of. yet somehow they cover these songs in such a way that you are just like OMG i LOVE this song....the atmosphere of the movie really is a great example of the ends justifying the means soundtrack is the most suitable and fitting background to a movie that i have ever seen..srsly.Truely i cant think of enough good things to say about this since i am gonna just ramble, pointlessly, i now realize because there is no way to really put it across to you that will make you feel the earnestness of my so ...just watch it or whatever heres a link that works for now....
SockShare - SuckerPunchTS.avi

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