Friday, March 19, 2010

she's just strange

mine for so long
maybe it was really just time
that you fell in love
in itself not a crime.
but girls like that one cum and go
all the time
i'll show you a dozen and you can keep your fucking dime-
-bag me up
tag me up
you never try you let me down
i'm too tired to keep us both afloat
so you left me all alone to drown
victim of the undertow
now youre a star fish in my crown
so now i say im happy for you
but the truth is that i'm not
just go ahead and figure out its exactly like i thought
so now you say your sorry and you'll call
but the truth is that you won't
i seal my lips and dry my eyes
i want to scream and plead-but i dont
it feels so strange to be this girl on this strange momentous day
to be the one to stay behind and watch you walk away.
12:03am 08172009
***if you use my writings please have the decency to ask permission first...thank you!!!

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