Thursday, February 11, 2010


 100% real ad off of the local cl misc. romance iso ads. things are worse than i even suspected for those in the dating really makes a strong arguement in favor of just shutting up and putting up with the evil you already have become well aquainted with and accustomed to. i guess maybe i dont really need the excitement that comes from the agrab bag of single life in the dating scene .
my boyfriend leaves a lot for me to desire as far as well ..most things that have anything at all to do with my needs or emotional support...but suddenly he seems almost perfect...ahhhh. lucky lucky lucky....

I have references from past relationships that will confirm that I am not a good boyfriend or husband. I can send you pictures from 6 to 10 years ago when I was almost good looking. I am so selfcentered that I honestly will not care what you think. You must own or rent a nice clean house with no pets and you must be a great cook. You must be in reasonably good shape. I prefer ladies in my age range or a little older. You must be employed, or self-employed in a respectable professional position (independently wealthy is also ok as long as you do not have a snotty attitude) because I am not. I prefer a woman who does not throw me out every week or calls the police every month. I am flexible, fun, and can take you dancing, to plays, dinner or ballet... as long as you pay. I drink for fun, smoke other peoples cigarettes and will do drugs (if the peer pressure is excessive). I am currently unemployed, homeless, insolvent, and without car. I do clean up nice and I am interested in an exclusive relationship. Serious Inquiries Only!

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